Sun Ray

About The Business

How You Arrived Here

Taking pictures was always a hobby of mine but I never took it seriously until September 2022. After my sister’s wedding in September, I was so intrigued by the role of photographer. It was her responsibility to capture every detail, the candid moments, the pre-planned group pictures, the prompts and poses. I wanted to be her. I wanted to be the one who was taking pictures of one the biggest moments in my sisters life. Oddly enough, I took my grandma’s vintage Polaroid camera to the wedding that day. I snapped a few pictures, showed them to my sister a few weeks later and her reaction was something I’ll never forget. From that day on I knew what my calling was.

Sun Ray

About the future

Where I’m Going

Ultimately, my main goal is to become a full time travel photographer. I’ve always wanted a career that gives me the opportunity to travel while making an income yet enjoying what I do. 

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