Let’s get down to basics – color schemes, patterns and textures all add visual interest and depth to pictures. Mix outfit planning with a photography session and you’re bound to have flawless photos. Every photographer has their own style whether it’s bohemian, classic, retro, bold or street. Depending on the photographers way of editing, they’ll want you to wear specific clothing to help the appearance of your photos. Session location and the “vibe” you’re going for will also affect what outfits are recommended. For example, if you’re looking for classic engagement photos in the city, you’d want to wear black and white. If you’re booking a session with a field with flowers, neutral colors with a pop of color might work best. I love sessions with movement and prompts so it’s vital to wear something comfortable and that you’re able to move in! Being a versatile photographer who worked in the fashion industry for seven years, I make sure to pre-plan outfits for every session from sitting in a trough with your horses to wearing Nike shoes with your hubby downtown.